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LEC Technology Predicted to Change the Definition of Lighting

Reminiscent of the launch of fluorescent, halogen and LED, CeeLite's Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology is predicted to change the definition of lighting.
It has also been named as one of Time Magazines best inventions of 2006 and Buildings Magazine's Top Product Picks 2007 in addition to various Product of the Month awards.
CeeLite™ is the world's first company to manufacture and market commercially-viable LEC technology, which is destined to redefine the way lighting is used today! Unlike traditional incandescent, fluorescent, LED (light-emitting diodes) or halogen lighting, this flat light comes in sheets as thin as a plastic card that can be cut, twisted, and wrapped around nearly any surface, indoors or out.
Ranging in size from cell phones to dry wall, CeeLite LEC technology creates new markets where lighting was previously impossible and replaces traditional lighting where high quality surface illumination is required; in floors, walls, ceilings and within unconventional objects such as sound-activated illuminated drums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers who were able to dazzle an audience of millions with their one-of-a-kind light-up drum set. Once an instrument hidden in the background, it came to the forefront during their Saturday Night Live performance last year after being wrapped with CeeLite's flat, flexible Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) panels. These panels, which can be programmed to dim, fade, and flash, are compatible with DMX Protocol in order to create full-scale, interactive lighting shows at a concert or nightclub.
Other recent CeeLite applications include a massive interactive illuminated window display featuring Madonna at H&M's New York City flagship store; the creation of a stunning, contemporary illuminated skylight for the hospitality tent at the EDS Byron Nelson Golf Tournament and even residential bathroom counter tops.
CeeLite's flexible panels which can be die cut to fit unusual shapes and spaces can easily be applied in minutes by using a standard adhesive or any lightweight frame commonly used for window or wall signage. The lightweight impact resistant flat light bulbs do not require extra installation time or space for installation.
The technology comprises of 3 critical components: OSRAM SYLVANIA's higher quality light emitting phosphors for brightness combined with CeeLite's proprietary blending processes for the whitest colour; advanced, proprietary, programmable flatline inverters to control levels of brightness and ambience; and advance "packaging materials" for lower heat generation and phosphor protection and systemization which has created a platform technology.
The LEC panels typically consume very small quantities of electricity relative to incandescent, neon and fluorescent lighting and can run on batteries with a voltage as low as 2.4 V and as high as 12/24 V (vehicle applications), depending on the panel size and expected usage.
The chemicals used in CeeLite panels are very environmentally friendly and degradable. The polymer-based laminates are the same as shrink-wrapped polymer-based laminate products.
Source of top image: CeeLite™
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