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Cartamundi to Add Value to Products with TFE Memory Capability

Cartamundi, the company that supplied the playing cards used in the James Bond film 'Casino Royale' is going to add plastic memory to its products. They will use Thinfilm's patented technology and will now enter into a joint R & D project with the objective to include memory capabilities for the development, manufacturing and sales of products in the markets of trading and collectable cards, retail and private label cards, casino cards, promotional cards and cards for games.
Cartamundi, a global market leader in the production and sale of trading, collectable and games cards, and Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") of Oslo, Norway with R & D facilities in Linkoping, Sweden recently announced that they have entered into a commercial License Agreement and a joint R & D Program.
The commercial terms of the agreement are undisclosed. "As part of our strategy, we are constantly trying to add value to our products, through creativeness and technological innovation. Through the license agreement with Thinfilm, we will now be able to integrate a memory in the production of our cards and by that enable our customers to create a new level of sophistication and complexity into their games. Our goal is to be in production and to supply our customers with this new feature, already next year." commented Chris Van Doorslaer, CEO of the Cartamundi Group.
Johan Carlsson, CEO of Thin Film Electronics stated that "We are extremely excited about this commercial license deal. Cartamundi is the undisputed leader in the market of cards and games, producing over 10 billions of cards annually, making them the ideal partner specialised in high volume production of cards. More importantly though, Cartamundi has a large number of highly profiled brand name customers around the world, customers that we now will reach with our memory technology through Cartamundi's world wide organisation."
By using the physical, chemical and electrical properties of advanced polymers TFE can add new functionality to printed products like trading cards, boxes or magazines. Its unique polymer memory technology can be used in any printed electronics application where a memory is needed, particularly where a non volatile random access memory is preferred. E.g. to store information on the package that later can be displayed to the customer.
Source of top image: Thin Film Electronics
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