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Fujitsu Frontech Striving for a Paperless Society

Fujitsu Frontech hope to contribute to a paperless society with the development and commercial introduction of its indoor display board "Super Frontech Vision EP series," which adopts multiple color electronic paper panels and realizes ultra low-power operation.
This product is a slim and compact display board which integrates multiple color electronic papers. There are six models ranging in size from 12-inch to 48-inch depending on the number of panels integrated. Color electronic paper can display a still image without power, once the image is shown on the panel. Power is required only to change the image.
The multi-panel displays use the same resin film type e-paper as the "FLEPia" color e-paper device based on cholesteric liquid crystal it announced in April.
We are likely to see the panels in public places like airport terminals, bus stops, shopping centres and many other places where you will find information boards.
Fujitsu Frontech has been developing and installing various sizes of display systems for many years particularly in the market of airports, stadiums, auction houses and hospitals.
The display boards commonly incorporate 12-inch color electronic paper; at most 16 panels. There are two color variations; silver and off-black. It is possible to install this product in both vertical and horizontal directions. For larger sizes over 48-inch, Fujitsu Frontech will accept special orders up to 120-inch (10 panels x 10 panels).
Jointly developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd and Fujitsu Frontech Ltd, Fujitsu's color electronic paper can display a still image without power. Because power supply is necessary only for changing the image, tremendous power saving is realized. In comparison with ordinary liquid crystal panels or plasma display panels, less than one tenth of operation power is required.
Ordinary displays are at least 100mm thick, but this product is very thin, ranging from 25mm (12 to 29-inch) to 54mm (36 to 48-inch) thickness depending on total panel size. It is also lightweight, ranging from only 9.5kg (29-inch) to 32kg (48-inch), so that only simple construction is needed for installation.
Because it consumes only 0.3A at 100V, the new product can be operated by using an ordinary power outlet on a wall although the product can operate for at most 3 hours without AC power supply, because a lithium polymer battery is embedded in each panel.
Installation is easy with either wired or wireless LAN.
Distribution software for distributing content is also provided. Using this tool, it is possible to distribute image files like JPEG, GIF and BMP and other content such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint of Microsoft and Adobe PDF files. The product can be used as a single large display with all panels showing one large image, or each panel can be used separately to display separate images.
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Source of top image: Fujitsu Frontech
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