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Plastic Logic shows a flexible OLED display for wearable devices

Plastic Logic demonstrated a flexible AMOLED display at Printed Electronics Europe, an event organised by IDTechEx. The flexible device is the direct result of a recently announced collaboration with Novaled, a supplier of OLED materials.
The 4" diagonal display has a resolution of 360 × 128 and is based on Plastic Logic's flexible OTFT backplane. Unlike inorganic transistors currently used in commercial OLED panels, OTFT can be fully flexible and enable displays to be rolled or bent repeatedly.
According to the company, the 3:1 aspect ratio was designed to represent a smart watch and to illustrate how the fundamental flexibility of the technology makes it ideal for the new generation of wearable devices.
The company unveiled the device on the first day of the conference. Mike Banach, Research Director at Plastic Logic said:
"The Printed Electronics Conference in Berlin gave us a wonderful platform to showcase our fully organic, plastic, flexible AMOLED demonstrator which was developed in partnership with Novaled. It is exciting because it is the first time a flexible OLED display technology can be coupled with a real industrial fabrication process. The transformational nature of the demonstration was highlighted by the tremendous interest throughout the conference and the valuable partnership discussions it inspired."
During the event, Plastic Logic and Isorg also won the Best Product Development Award for their organic image sensor on plastic.
Printed Electronics Europe is part of a global series of events organised by IDTechEx. Upcoming events this year are Printed Electronics Asia in Tokyo and Printed Electronics USA in Santa Clara, CA.

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Posted on: April 10, 2014

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