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Consolidation and Expansion of RFID Ticket Suppliers

Schreiner Group GmbH & KG has taken over all shares of X-ident GmbH from T.Technology Holding, a company of the Austrian Trierenberg Group. Schreiner Group is a high-tech company with six divisions including manufacture and sale of printed ac electroluminescent displays. X-ident had been part of the Trierenberg Group since 2002, when Trierenberg bought it from Schleipen + Erkens AG. It was a spin-off from the Sihl group, focused on RFID solutions.
The press release, in July 2007, notes that Schreiner LogiData represents focused competencies in the area of RFID. As Schreiner LogiData, X-ident belongs to the pioneers developing RFID solutions. Both companies offer a wide range of intelligent identification solutions for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, automotive, textile, technical industries, document management, transport containers, libraries, ticketing, and protection of originality and value.
Focus on labels and tickets
Schreiner LogiData specialises in label and ticket RFID formats, which are early candidates for printing, first of the antennas and then of the whole device including logic and memory. It designs, delivers and integrates complete, customer-specific identification and marking systems from a single source. In close collaboration with the customer, Schreiner LogiData optimally adapts all system components to each other. In addition, Schreiner LogiData integrates new components into existing identification systems.
Increased capacity
Referring to RFID tickets, the announcement says: "With X-ident, Schreiner Group increases its production capacity by another 160 million labels, tickets and tags per year. As an example, X-ident supplied the tickets for the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany. This year, over 30 million tickets where sold already for the Moscow Metro. With this acquisition, a network evolves under the umbrella of Schreiner Group that will be even more powerful in development, production, and systems integration for its customers."
For more information on the Schreiner Group see
The market and technology of RFID cards and tickets and RFID enabled phones are analysed in Contactless Smart Cards and Near Field Communication

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Posted on: July 30, 2007

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