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Diagnostic Skin Patches

Gentag, Inc. and The CORE Institute® in the USA have announced a joint collaborative effort to develop and market RFID diagnostic Skin Patches for Medical Applications in Orthopedics. The aim of the joint program is to facilitate post surgery monitoring applications by physicians and patients using RFID enabled cell phones under Gentag, Altivera and CORE patents. Physicians will monitor the status of damaged tissues using temperature, pressure, and other sensors. Additionally, patients will be able to self-monitor their recovery from the comfort of their own homes. The technology platform uses RFID enabled cell phones, PDAs or wireless laptops that allow remote monitoring by physicians and hospitals, particularly during the critical first 24 hours post injury or surgery.
"We believe that cell phones are the ideal tools to enable consumer-based diagnostics and that The CORE Institute® has identified a unique market to illustrate how low cost RFID technologies combined with cell phones can save costs in medicine," announced Dr. John Peeters the founder of Gentag. "We are very pleased to have signed this agreement and look forward to working with CORE and their partners."
The CORE Institute® believes that this new technology platform will not only decrease the cost of health care delivery, but more importantly will markedly improve patient safety and outcomes due to earlier and more accurate diagnosis of changes in a patient's condition.
Gentag, Inc. and Altivera, LLC are IP and technology development companies focusing on the development of innovative, low cost wireless technologies to improve health worldwide. The company owns unique intellectual property relating to cell phone sensor combinations and wireless sensor networks.
The CORE Institute® is a private medical practice with offices throughout Arizona providing a wide range of orthopedic services including patient care, research, community service and medical education. Their clinical and research team is dedicated to pioneering research that expands orthopedic knowledge and continues to deliver state-of-the-art care.
Smart skin patches are already a great success, particularly for delivering drugs and cosmetics and diagnostic skin patches are a logical next phase. Power Paper has a version for cosmetic delivery that employs a screen printed manganese dioxide zinc battery and screen printed silver electrodes. Over ten million have been sold.
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Posted on: August 17, 2007

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