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Roadmap to Commercialisation of Electrophoretic Displays

Microencapsulated electrophoretic ink displays are now in volume production. For example, E ink FPL is being coated R2R in production kilometers at a time, segmented displays on plastic substrates are in volume production and glass TFT displays are in volume production. That was the message of E ink at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics conference in Tokyo, September 10-11. The company pointed out that plastic substrate AM TFT displays will be in production in 2007 and flexible active matrix electrophoretic displays will enter the commercial market in 2007. This burgeoning level of interest is driving millions of dollars in investments for startup companies and large corporations. Rollable, flat and small and large format are all of interest for different markets. For example, E ink electrophoretic display technology combined with Printed Electronics TFTC enables the Real Electronic Paper Display. Benefits include:
Stuart Evans of Plastic Logic, who also spoke at the conference, put it this way, "Plastic electronics is an emerging multi-billion dollar opportunity for established players and new entrants. 'Take anywhere, read anywhere' devices will revolutionise the way we read, creating the first 'killer app' in plastic electronics. It is now time for plastic electronics to move from invention and research to customers and products. Many different elements in the plastic electronics value chain need to work together to deliver the best consumer experience - the race is on."
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Posted on: September 17, 2007

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