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US Printed Electronics conference will have many amazing demos

Only one year ago, printed electronics was largely a dream of technologies and products to come. What a difference a year makes! The world's largest conference on the subject, the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event in San Francisco, 11-15 November, is being deluged with breakthrough products that will be on show. For example, T-ink says, "At minimum we can bring the Craftsman Heated Jacket, Hallmark Interactive Tablecloth, Playtex Sippy Cup, Award winning Mead Westvaco Kent Box, News America Floor Talkers, American Express Radio Credential Holder and Toys r' Us Inflatable Radio."
The new Organic Electronics Association brochure containing several samples of printed electronics from Europe will be distributed and the startling plastic film posters of elumin8, with their animated color graphics, will be operating throughout the area. Many other companies will be demonstrating or issuing samples of their latest printed and thin film electronic products, including the new GSI printed electronic calendar. Only at this event will you see it all, from the latest Sony electronic paper e-Reader™ to paper batteries.
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx says, "These products really blow your mind. Anyone with an ounce of imagination can see the next iPod™ and more coming from this. We really do see disposable electronics, wallpaper electronics and much more available to the designers and brand managers. The movie Minority Report got it wrong. It's here and now, not decades away, and it's user friendly. The imminent impact on medicine and merchandising, to take just two examples, is mind boggling."
See and touch all of these examples yourself on November 13-14 at Printed Electronics USA 2007 in San Francisco. For more details, see
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