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Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition - world's largest

The IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition in San Francisco on November 14-15 is the World's largest event on the topic by many parameters. Even with almost a month to go, there are 45 confirmed exhibitors with just a few places left and more than 400 registered delegates. The target of 500 delegates on the day is likely to be smashed. Record attendance - more than any other show ever held on the topic - has been achieved by featuring world first presentations, such as the CEO of Kovio, and by focusing on the application of printed electronics, with speakers from companies such as Hasbro and Cubic Transportation Systems that have not presented on such activities before. It comes as no surprise then that delegates include potential users such as Procter & Gamble, Lockheed Martin, BP, Coors Brewing and Crayola who are attending to learn how Printed Electronics can be used in consumer products. Of course deep technology analysis is given including the big picture - printed and potentially printed organics and inorganics and not the narrow world of just organics/plastic electronics.
For example, significant challenges include improving the yield of printed transistors and devices. This conference addresses topics such as cutting edge developments with inspection systems for Thin Film Transistor Circuits - a necessary yet rarely addressed challenge. Other important topics include precious material supply challenges.
The event features the "Printed Electronics Products" demonstration area, showing everything from printed displays used already in commercial advertisement posters to commercial e-paper readers from Sony to cosmetic skin patches from Estee Lauder - all powered today by printed electronics. See what is already out there and how these companies have achieved success - often by creating new markets. This demonstration area is designed to show the huge range of products already in the market place.
Investment in this sector is rife - with photovoltaics beyond conventional silicon alone accounting for up to 20% of all recent VC investments in the electronics industry. The optional Printed Electronics investment summit features 15 company CEOs - the crème de la crème of pure play printed electronics companies seeking investment hand picked by IDTechEx - in an open forum with serious Venture Capitalists and other strategic investors.
Held in San Francisco, the event is close to many companies and Universities working on the topic and our hosted tours allow you to meet them. Delegates also receive IDTechEx research for free, such as the 110 page Encyclopedia of printed electronics with over 380 terms and beautifully illustrated throughout.
The event is hosted by IDTechEx, analysts bringing you high quality content covering the topics we feel you should know about. IDTechEx has recently profiled over 700 companies involved in the topic, including patent and key technology progress information. Hear our analysis at the event. Indeed, hear from the giants themselves - whether Sony in Japan or LG.Philips in Korea or the National Science Foundation U.S.A. - it is all here. Registered delegates are already networking now using the IDTechEx online networking system allowing them to contact each other straight away. Be part of the World's largest event on the topic - don't read the developments second hand from press releases after the show.
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Posted on: October 26, 2007

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