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An electric belt for non invasive pain management

A belt that allows a carefully controlled micro-current to flow completely through the pain source, could ease back pain for many sufferers. It will use printed batteries as more powerful versions become available and printed electronics components as suitable ones become available.
The patent-pending wraps developed by Lifes2good, UK embrace over 50 years of clinical research and are designed to fit around the areas of the pain source allowing pain relief for the patient whilst at work, shopping or at the gym.
Back pain is the UK's leading cause of disability with 1.1 million sufferers experiencing some form of back pain each year.
The Department of Health statistics have estimated that back pain is costing the British industry an annual 5 billion pounds and the National Health Service 481 million pounds each year.
The Pain Ease Micro-Current Wraps have been specifically designed for the areas of the body most affected by pain and are a perfect solution for all individuals who have pain to manage in their day-to-day lives from aching neck or shoulders, knee pain, arthritis to muscle spasms. However, it is not suitable for anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker in case the electrical activity interferes with the device.
The non-invasive pain management delivers continuous therapy by radiating the current into the affected areas, attracting blood and oxygen to the damaged cell while clearing up waste and toxins which cause the pain - this stimulates the body's healing process.
When the wrap is placed around the painful or aching area and the battery unit is snapped on, the current is carried through special conducting fabric on the inside of the wraps and through the pain centre. The wraps are comfortable to wear and can be worn discreetly underneath clothing.
The body relies on round the-clock electrical activity in cells to keep vital tissue, such as muscle, working properly. When this activity is normal, it allows blood to flow freely, transporting vital nutrients round the body. But when there is an injury, the passage of electricity becomes obstructed. This, in turn, reduces blood supply and deprives tissue of the minerals it needs.
Micro Current Therapy works by emitting negative charges, which painlessly penetrate the skin to surround the damaged cells and stimulate the body's natural healing process, reducing pain and swelling.
The output of micro current therapy is in the millionth of an amp, or microamp range, 1000 times lower than standard milliamp devices. It is so mild that most users won't even feel it.
The technique differs from TENS therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) in the way it delivers the electrical pulse. TENS and other modern electro-therapy instruments deliver short pulses of current in the thousandth of an amp, or milliamp (mA) range but because stimulation from these devices exceeds nerve firing thresholds, treatment produces a definite sensation that can range from gentle tingling to intense throbbing.
The high current electrical pulses generated by TENS machines instantly block the pain sensation and are often used for pain relief by women in labour but have no real healing benefit, where as Micro Current Therapy more closely minimises the body's naturally occurring bio-electric current to stimulate cellular physiology and provide long-term pain relief.
The use of electricity for pain relief and wound healing is the basis of Biofisica skin patches with patterned hydrogel electrodes and Power Paper skin patches with screen printed batteries and electrodes deliver drugs electrically.
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Posted on: October 29, 2007

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