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Explore radical new enabling technologies behind wearable technology

According to new data from IDTechEx Research, the wearable technology market will rise from $24.2 billion in 2015 to three times that size in ten years - creating a market of $64.3 billion in 2025. In addition to increasing demand for existing enabling components, this provides a large opportunity for new technologies as electronics move from bulky devices to ones that can conform to the wearer.
For example, the value of sensors used in wearable technology devices will rise from $700 million in 2015 to $5.8 billion in 2025 (sensor component value alone). The biggest growth will be for stretch and pressure sensors, followed by chemical sensors, according to IDTechEx Research. In addition, those supplying materials for other components will see new opportunities driven by the fact that the new e-skin patches, e-textiles, stretchable, tightly rollable devices and so on, cannot be made with the old "components in a box" approach, as covered in the IDTechEx Research report Wearable Technology Materials 2015-2025. Suppliers are needed for formulations and intermediate materials at the heart of these new electronics and electrics. Premium pricing awaits.
The IDTechEx event Wearable Technology Europe, hosted on April 28-29 in Berlin, is the largest event covering the full wearable technology supply chain - from materials to all the end devices, paying particular attention to market drivers and trends. Keynote speakers include organizations such as fashion brands, including Decathlon and Head, to fashion and device designers such as the Fashion Innovation Agency, DreamLux, Runtastic and others.
New products will be unveiled, from premium fashion jackets with embedded electronics to smart plasters. The latest work on stretchable sensors to even textile integrated solar is also covered in this conference, which features over 80 relevant speakers and a tradeshow of over 120 exhibitors showcasing the latest emerging technologies - and all the demonstrators for you to play with.
That is all in addition to big brands such as Sony, TE Connectivity, Sharp, Atmel, Ericsson, Infineon and Qualcomm presenting on topics ranging from wearable/internet connectivity and hardware platforms to security and others focussing on energy harvesting to the latest in thin, flexible batteries and stretchable functional materials for textiles.
If you seek to understand the driving trends, what is needed next and the state-of-the art technology developments, take a look at the event at Spaces are limited to ensure balance between fashion brands and suppliers.

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Posted on: March 2, 2015

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