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Latest technology provides heated jackets

US - Cold season hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen can now enjoy a significant benefit heading out into the field. The new Ink-Logix product heated by the Thermotex system provides the latest technology in heated apparel. Scent-free, silent, completely washable and with no bulky wires, the new heat system is available in jackets, pants, hats and gloves.
Unlike other electrically powered heating garments, an electronically conductive printed strip of silver carbon-based ink developed by T-ink, NY, USA is applied directly onto the lining of the apparel. Once in place, the ink patterns are protected with a polyurethane lamination and cured in a low temperature oven so you can't wash, sweat or rub it off - resulting in a highly durable product. After the pattern is cured, energy can be pulsed through the patterns allowing the carbon in the ink to heat up resulting in a soft, radiant heat.
The garments feature a manual control that allows the wearer to choose from three temperature settings between 85-110 degrees F. The control modules are removable for washing and the lithium batteries are rechargeable
Ink-Logix manufactures and supplies these heat systems for use in a wide variety of garments available in over 100 stores nationwide, including Dick's Sporting Goods and Dunham's.
T-Ink invent, develop, design, manufacturer and market a wide range of highly innovative conductive solutions printing on almost any kind of surface to create everything from printed circuits, batteries and speakers to printed sensors and heaters.
Ink-Logix, LLC, is expanding T-Ink technology to applications in the Textile and Transportation industries on a global basis.
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Source of top image: Sears Craftsman
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Posted on: November 15, 2007

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