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Sony Japan launches world's first OLED TV

Sony launched in Japan last week the world's first OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV, "XEL-1". The 11-inch OLED TV proposes a ground-breaking new TV design, with its astonishing thinness measuring approximately 3mm (at its thinnest point). It also incorporates Sony's independently developed "Organic Panel", which realizes advantages such as high contrast, high peak brightness, color reproduction, rapid response time, all of which combine to deliver unparalleled image quality.
Apparently only 2000 units have been made available at retail stores across Japan of which 700 will be used for marketing purposes - additional units will only be made available in January 2008.
Sony first began researching organic materials in 1994, and has since proceeded with the development of OLED technology targeting its use in practical applications. Sony first launched mass production of small sized, full-color OLED panels in 2004, achieving commercial use within mobile products. Sony subsequently positioned OLED as a key next generation display device, and further accelerated its research and development of OLED technology. Following more than ten years of OLED development, Sony has accumulated numerous related core technologies, such as Sony's proprietary "Super Top Emission" panel technology which enhances the brightness and color reproduction capability of OLED panels, as well as manufacturing technologies gained from Sony's experience of mass producing small sized OLED panels. In September 2007, Sony commenced mass production of its independently developed "Organic Panel", used in "XEL-1".
Additionally, in designing and manufacturing "XEL-1", Sony leveraged many of the technologies it has amassed throughout its product development history, including the imaging technologies accumulated since the "Trinitron" era, and the high-density mounting technologies gained through its mobile product development. As a result, "XEL-1" incorporates both revolutionary design and unparalleled picture quality befitting the world's first OLED TV.
The launch of "XEL-1" represents the first stage in Sony's OLED TV business, and Sony will continue to advance its OLED TV development, while focusing on long-term business growth. Sony will also extend beyond its own OLED development and production, to leading the expansion of surrounding industries and the OLED market as a whole.
OLED is a light-emitting display technology based on electroluminescent organic materials, with a structure that enables unprecedented levels of thinness and lightweight design to be achieved. OLED also delivers advanced levels of contrast and brightness, wide color reproduction range and rapid response time to realize stunning picture quality. Furthermore, with its limited environmental impact, OLED has attracted widespread attention as a highly-anticipated next-generation display device technology.
The "XEL-1" will retail for around 1800 US dollars or 200,000 Yen - a price point that is unlikely to deter the early adopters. It is expected that it will be available in the US in January 2008.
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