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Clemson University US announces printed electronics initiatives

The accelerating and constantly changing industry of Printed Electronics is estimated to be worth 100-300 billion dollars in 15 years forecast Clemson University, USA.
This being said, very few products are currently available on the market, some have just begun initial development, and many have not been imagined. Currently there are only select printing and packaging companies and their associated vendors actively pursuing research and development in this area.
The Sonoco Institute supported by Clemson faculty is building a one-of-a-kind infrastructure for the Printed Electronics and allied industries and plan on accomplishing this mission by providing:
  • A state-of-the-art printing capabilities and evaluation lab
  • Collaborative resources from Advanced Material Engineering, Printing Technologies, and Packaging Science to fulfill contracted and sponsored Printed Electronics research
  • Undergraduate and Graduate level curriculum
  • An Internship and Career Development Center
  • Printed Electronics educational seminars and hands-on workshops
Old friends and supporters, as well as new and future industry partners are invited to Clemson, January 22nd and 23rd, to learn about their activities, participate in the guidance of their curriculum, and provide input to develop their lab, research and service capabilities.
The morning will offer a mix of presentations from the:
  • Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics
  • Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET)
  • The Department of Graphic Communications
  • The Packaging Science Department
In the afternoon, working breakout groups will concentrate on lab facilities, research and development structure, curriculum and careers. Industry guests are offered the opportunity to provide advice, make recommendations, and interact with Clemson faculty and advisors to shape the Printed Electronics Applications and Research initiatives.
A Printed Electronics Primer presentation and session will be offered from 3pm - 5pm, January 22nd for industry visitors that are new to the market opportunities and technologies of Printed Electronics. This is a great opportunity for vendors to the printing and packaging industries to be introduced to this new and exciting market opportunity.
As an added bonus, the Clemson Tigers will host Wake Forest in a classic ACC match-up Tuesday night, the 22nd. Please inquire if you are interested in attending.
To learn more about the event, register to attend, request more information, or learn more about the Sonoco Institute, COMSET, Packaging Science, and Graphic Communications visit: or email
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