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Companies with One Trillion Euros sales present at the IDTechEx Show!

Companies with over One Trillion Euros in combined sales will present at IDTechEx's event on emerging technologies. Tesco, Qualcomm, Ericsson, United Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover, Shell provide insights, products and end-user case studies on printed electronics, energy harvesting, wearable technologies, IoT and more.
Next week the IDTechEx Show! on April 28-29 will feature some of the world's largest brands discussing their progress and requirements with commercializing a range of the hottest emerging technologies. Speakers include Panasonic, Augusta Westland, Sony, Huawei, Decathlon, ABB, Intel, Daimler and over 190 more.
Over 2000 CEOs, product designers, scientists, engineers, journalists and industry professionals will converge at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin to explore the advances in emerging technologies including printed electronics, wearable technologies, energy harvesting, the Internet of Things, connected vehicles and 3D printing.
Indeed, the companies presenting at the event have total annual sales of over one Trillion Euros. As always, the focus at the IDTechEx event is to provide input from end users from different verticals on their needs and case studies - providing that all important "Voice of the Customer" to help other adopters and suppliers focus on what is needed.
The tradeshow, featuring approximately 150 exhibitors, will be showcasing all these technologies. Special features include "Demonstration Street", containing the world's largest collection of printed electronics based products in one place, in addition to seeing the commercial-grade manufacturing equipment in "Manufacturing Street."
Previous attendees have commented, "This event has been carefully organized providing opportunities for interactions between all levels of the business market"... Henkel, and "I think this show is one of the best tools to bridge the gap between industry capabilities and end users' needs, to have technology and solutions find a common path"... Coveme
Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, said "As we build up to the event next week there is a great deal of excitement amongst all participants. Many companies are launching new products at the event. Uniquely, this event brings all these related emerging technologies together in one place providing valuable insight rather than just reporting the latest. This is the event where you can expect to learn, network, assess your opportunities and do business. We are bringing together the hottest technologies under one roof, at the Estrel Convention Center on April 28-29."
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Posted on: April 21, 2015

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