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Aveso launches primero 6|7 flexible display module and development kit

USA - Aveso, Inc., the leading provider of flexible displays for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications, has announced the commercial launch of its Primero™ line of flexible numeric display modules. These are screen printed electrochromic displays, a non-emissive, low cost display technology capable of color. The company's novel display products are specifically designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures used to produce plastic cards. Aveso displays can be dropped into card manufacturing processes and installed equipment used by over 95 percent of the industry, paving the way for widespread manufacturability of electronic display cards.
Dennis Brestovansky, President and CEO of Aveso, Inc., said, "Global interest in display card products is growing very rapidly for applications such as one time password generators that increase the security of online banking transactions and e-commerce purchases, and protect enterprise and other confidential data. Our display technology enables production of a display card that meets the price, reliability and manufacturing scale for which the market has long been waiting."
Aveso's Primero 6/7™ product is a 6 digit, 7 segment flexible display that is well suited for applications that require ultra-thin profiles or involve harsh manufacturing environments and operating conditions. A leading application is One Time Password (OTP) cards that place token functionality in a convenient payment card form factor. The 450 micron thin display features an embedded Texas Instruments' MSP430TM microcontroller. The versatile display is designed to support future display card applications, including payment, stored value and transit cards that provide the consumer with immediate access to available credit, remaining balances and recent transaction information.
The company has also introduced a Development Kit which is intended to allow the user to activate, program and simulate applications using the Aveso Primero 6/7TM Display Module. The Development Kit may be used to demonstrate the display module at the push of a button using Aveso-supplied demonstration firmware. The tool also supports programming of user specific firmware. User-specific firmware may be loaded to the embedded microprocessor via JTAG or SPI interface.
Aveso's high contrast, paper-thin displays are based on a patented electro-active ink technology that makes it possible to fabricate and rapidly scale electronic displays. Aveso's low voltage operation allows for display drive code to be loaded onto customer-specific silicon or low-cost, general purpose microprocessors. The displays can also be designed to be driven via Radio Frequency (RF) energy for contactless applications. Leading applications include electronic display cards, medical diagnostics, RFID labels and consumer electronic devices.
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