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Enfucell Finland strengthens printed battery team

The board of Enfucell Oy has recently appointed Mr. Juha Koskinen, M.Sc. (Eng.), M.Sc. (Pol.) as Chief Executive Officer.
Mr. Koskinen has been a member of the Enfucell board since June 2007, and he has worked at Siemens Corporation from 1982 to 1999, serving also as CEO of ICET, a high speed train consortium belonging to the Siemens group. Before moving into management consulting he served as CEO of Sanmina Oy, a Finnish subsidiary of the international electronics supplier Sanmina, from 1999-2002.
"With Juha, Enfucell gains strong international business and technology know-how necessary to become a global firm", says Enfucell Chairman Dr. Jussi Suomela.
Mr. Risto Huvila, former acting CEO and VP of Sales & Marketing has also been appointed as Chief Operating Officer. Before joining Enfucell Mr. Huvila worked as a management consultant and in various leadership and managerial positions in Sonera, Tamore, and Sanoma Corporation.
The Enfucell VP of Sales Mr. Markku Paukku, B.Sc. (Econ.) has been appointed as President of Enfucell, Inc. (USA) with effect from today. Prior to Enfucell Mr. Paukku has worked in various senior leadership positions for more than 20 years, serving Wärtsilä Corporation and Tamrock in USA, Canada, France and the UK.
Mr. Timo Kärkkäinen , Mech. Eng, MBA, has been appointed as Vice President of Production on November 1, 2007. Timo worked earlier for Tervakoski Films Group/Rani Plast Oy in several production development and management positions since 1995.
Dr. Xia-Chang Zhang continues as Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Paukku, Mr. Kärkkäinen and Dr. Zhang belong to the Enfucell management team, and report to Mr. Huvila.
Enfucell Oy
Enfucell Oy is an Espoo based technology company that has developed the SoftBattery™ a thin and pliable 1.5 volt environmentally friendly energy source that can be utilized in disposable or short use products. The SoftBattery™ applications include the RFID / logistics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
Enfucell has received many international awards for the development of the SoftBattery. In January 2007 the World Economic Forum in Davos named Enfucell as one of the world's 47 leading technology pioneers. The American high technology publication, Red Herring named Enfucell as one of the promising European technology companies. In March 2007 the developer of the SoftBattery™ Dr. Xia-Chang Zhang, was elected in Beijing, as one of the ten most influential foreign Chinese by China's largest media companies.
Enfucell was founded in 2002 and retains the services of 20 people. In addition to private equity from the founders and business angels the company is ~14 percent owned by Veraventure Oy. The company is currently seeking additional capital for the funding of further development of the SoftBattery™ and to develop its operations in the United States and China.
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