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Orders received for US Advantage II Extrusion Coating System

NexTech Solutions, Inc USA. and FAS Technologies, LLC, USA doing business jointly as "NexTech FAS", have announced that a leading organic light-emitting diode (OLED) process development company has placed multiple orders for its Advantage II Extrusion Coating system to be integrated into an R&D line for development of OLED displays.
NexTech FAS' Advantage Series coating systems offer high performance extrusion (spinless) coating of liquid materials onto substrates during the manufacture process of Flat Panel Displays. The systems, which are currently supplied for Gen 2 through Gen 8 panel sizes, are capable of coating a wide variety of process chemistries, including tough-to-coat OLED materials which are often deposited at submicron thicknesses with stringent uniformity and environmental requirements.
The customer originally purchased NexTech FAS' equipment line in the third quarter of 2006 and later placed a follow-up order in the second quarter of 2007. The Advantage II Extrusion Coating system is designed to work in a fully-automated and controlled environment and is being implemented in a pilot/R&D line at the customer's site. The use of these tools enables the customer to further its R&D objectives and optimize its development process. This order paves the way for potentially significant future equipment orders used in the process and development of OLED displays and technology, a rapidly emerging market growing from $526 million in 2006 to an estimated $4 billion by 2010, according to DisplaySearch.
"The technical team at NexTechFAS has worked diligently for several years to optimize the Advantage Series coaters for the specific requirements of OLED manufacturing, and we are pleased with the confidence in our technology demonstrated by these recent orders," stated Greg Gibson, chief technical officer of NexTech FAS. "We believe that OLED display manufacturing will be a significant market segment for NexTechFAS, where our high efficiency coating methods provide key cost efficiencies that are essential to this rapidly growing market."
The Advantage Coating systems can be configured for flexible as well as rigid substrates and is suitable for R&D or full production applications. Coating uniformity of better than three percent is routinely achieved with very high efficiency.
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