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Doubling of interest in printed electronics

The interest in printed electronics has doubled in the last year. This is the conclusion whether you measure it by organisations active in the subject, event attendance, patent filings or in some other way. Only IDTechEx has a global set of conferences on the subject, which includes devices that are thin film today and likely to be printed in future and an emphasis on commercialisation. IDTechEx stages the largest annual conferences on printed electronics in East Asia, Europe and the USA. They take place in centres of excellence because visits to the premises of global leaders are a key part of these events. Following the huge success of the San Francisco conference, with 50 exhibitors and 557 attendees, the next in the series is the European event. In 2008, this moves from Cambridge, UK to Dresden, Germany another vibrant centre of excellence in printed electronics. IDTechEx has organised visits to several of the leading local organizations active in the subject. The conference will also be enhanced by an exhibition, investor summit and six optional Masterclasses, so there are many reasons for attending.
IDTechEx prides itself on giving the big picture, not least by inviting leading speakers from across the world. The full range of technologies are covered, with inorganic solutions receiving equal emphasis with organic and hybrid solutions - thus reflecting the situation in the real world. A full range of devices, materials and production technologies will be explained by best-in-class speakers, with many first announcements. Samples and demonstrations will be available and many subjects will be aired for the first time. There will be sessions on the latest breakthroughs in electronics on paper and on many new types of smart skin patch for example and photovoltaics beyond silicon. Transparent, rollable, wide area electronics, electronics as art and other breakthroughs will be revealed.
IDTechEx Chairman Dr Peter Harrop says, "At all our conferences, we work hard to get the very best speakers from across the whole world. This year's conference in Dresden is also shaping up nicely in that respect with new announcements from Hasbro, General Electric, Heliatek, Sony, BASF, Epson, Samsung, Stora Enso, Schreiner, Nanosolar, Cubic Transportation Systems, Philips and many others."
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Posted on: January 9, 2008

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