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Nanoident secures investment from leading European technology pioneer

Austria/Turkey - NANOIDENT Technologies AG, the world leader in the development and production of printed semiconductor-based sensors, and Pan-European investment company MV Holding today announced MV Holding's investment in NANOIDENT. The funds will be used to accelerate NANOIDENT's growth and further develop its established first mover advantage in an industry that analyst firm IDTechEx External Link estimates to be worth $300 billion by 2025. NANOIDENT's printed semiconductor solutions address many high-value applications that traditional silicon-based semiconductors cannot.
Founded in 1993 by Murat Vargi, MV Group is composed of uniquely positioned assets. Having created the sector leaders in telecom services and distribution, the Group has later invested in media, energy and real estate, in existing assets with proven edge and high growth potential. The Group has also ventured in international investments through stakes in a residential conversion project in NYC and recently in a US-based technology start-up,
MV Holding's President Murat Vargi, on Forbes 2007 list of the World's Billionaires, is one of the founding shareholders of the second biggest GSM operator in Europe, listed on the Istanbul and New York Stock Exchanges (NYSE: TKC, ISE: TRKCL.IS).
"We are very excited about NANOIDENT's technology leadership position in the fast-growing printed semiconductor market, and can see that its solid scientific and industrial background and its globally unique factory for printed sensors puts NANOIDENT several years ahead of any potential competition," said MV Holding President Murat Vargi. "MV Holding has always invested carefully and selectively. After an extensive review process, we are confident that NANOIDENT will provide a strong and sustainable ROI (return on investment), and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with this innovative company."
The associated funds will be invested in the company's strategy to transform its technological leadership into commercial growth by focusing on customized solutions for high-growth market segments. The subsidiaries created to concentrate on these segments are:
  • BIOIDENT Technologies Inc. provides the first low-cost mobile lab-on-a-chip system for instantaneous analysis and diagnostics in environmental, healthcare, and security applications. This eliminates the need to send samples away for laboratory testing, resulting in significant cost and time savings.
  • NANOIDENT Biometrics GmbH is developing a complete suite of highly reliable, user-friendly multimodal biometric security solutions. This technology enables recognition of a broad variety of biometric traits for more reliable and secure personal authentication in next generation mobile phones, smart cards, and PCs as well as virtually any other security application.
"This is a great day for NANOIDENT but also for our shareholders, our customers and our partners," said Klaus Schroeter, CEO of NANOIDENT Technologies AG. "This funding allows us to accelerate development and commercialization of our printed semiconductor solutions for an established blue chip partner base. Our technology enables us to develop a wide range of exciting new life-science, security, and industrial applications and with this financing we can pursue the associated opportunities."
NANOIDENT's high speed, environmentally friendly manufacturing process utilizes liquid nanomaterials and additive production techniques. These liquids are used to print electronic circuits on a wide variety of surfaces, producing products in mere hours for prototype as well as high volume applications. The company's printed semiconductor devices can be bendable, disposable, light, ultrathin, and large area. They have application specific spectral and electronic properties, and can contain light sources and light detectors as well as electronic circuits. These unique characteristics enable cost effective, custom designed devices for applications such as industrial, chemical, biological, and biometric sensors.
Top image: Klaus G. Schröter, CEO, NANOIDENT Technologies AG
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