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Green OLED emitter offers world class efficiency performance, UK

OLED-T, has developed a green phosphorescent OLED material with world class efficiency performance, which they say exceeds the requirements for consumer applications.
The new material called E255a has a high colour saturation making it ideal for a broad range of product applications in single colour and full colour displays. The material also has a very high efficiency delivering high brightness at low power making it ideal for mobile product applications with either passive matrix or active matrix driving.
OLED-T is also developing phosphorescent red and fluorescent blue materials in order to offer manufacturers a single source of all the materials required to manufacture an OLED display. They believe that materials are estimated to make-up 20 per cent of the value of the OLED supply chain.
"The combination of high efficiency and high colour saturation are very hard to achieve and they firmly position the company as a world-class provider of materials for OLED displays," said Myrddin Jones, CEO of OLED-T.
The University of Hong Kong has manufactured OLED demonstrators using E255a and has reported a device efficiency of 40 cd/A at 1000 cdm-2 with a very saturated green colour coordinate of (0.28, 0.64) which is wider than commercially available LCD products.
The worldwide flat panel display market was worth $70 billion in 2006 and is forecast to rise to $100 billion by 2010 according to a leading analyst. OLED is the fastest growing non-LCD display technology and by 2010 they predict that the sector will be worth more than $2.5 billion.
E225a is available for customer sampling and can be deposited onto any desired substrate by vacuum coating methods.
However, at the time of writing IDTechEx do not know the voltage needed for cdm-2 level of the green to compare this with others. The highest record for green emitter is 133 lm/w.
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Reference: OLED-T
Source of top image: OLED-T
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