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Posted on January 30, 2008 by  & 

RFID cell phone patent for diagnostic applications allowed in Korea

Gentag Inc, US has been notified by the Korean Patent Office that its patent entitled "Diagnostic Radio Frequency Identification Sensors and Applications Thereof" has been allowed and will issue as a patent shortly.
The Korean patent will cover important market applications of multi-protocol RFID-enabled cell phones such as allowing consumers to read disposable wireless diagnostic skin patches, including glucose as reported in an earlier IDTechEx article Diagnostic Skin Patches.
The patent also will cover reading RFID immunoassays for Point of Care (POC) or home-based advanced diagnostics using cell phones. RFID immunoassays can be used for many key market applications such as trace analysis of contaminants in foods, pathogen detection, etc. Other diagnostic applications for cell phones are also covered.
"The allowance of this patent in Korea is an important milestone in our vision to create low cost consumer-based cell phone-sensor networks and revolutionize diagnostics worldwide," said Dr. John P. Peeters, the founder of Gentag. "We look forward to working with our partners to bring this technology to market as soon as possible."
The newly allowed patent is owned by Altivera, LLC, a Gentag operated and managed company. For licensing, or for partnership opportunities, please contact Gentag at
Reference and source of image: Gentag Inc
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