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Quantum Paper near to market in USA

The recent conference Printed Electronics USA in San Francisco had a presentation by two people from the secretive company Quantum Paper. At the request of the company, slides were not released for distribution after the event and we can not display those images here. Quantum Paper is currently undergoing a name change, together with sister company Applied Printed Electronics Research, to Nth Degree, a name already used by other companies on the internet, as far as we can see.
Rapid growth
With 30 to 40 employees and twelve in support from outside organizations, the company is growing in 2008 to about 100 employees, located in Arizona and Australia. One core expertise is color management software and another is paper displays, once reported in the press as having up to 18 printed layers. One concept is light emitting color real estate posters selling even in the night time.
Lighting and AMEL displays promised
Lighting and active matrix color displays are in their sights and they showed a video of an experimental version of the latter. Some versions will even capture data. They are initially targeting the retail point-of-purchase, direct marketing, magazine inserts and signage markets moving on to flat panel display and packaging in 2008, with first products promised to be in the shops in January 2008 though IDTechEx has yet to encounter them. Theirs is a printing technology but there was little said on this - some is electroluminescent but "not all". IDTechEx believes this is a very exciting company, worth watching. These products could well be both environmental and low in cost.
For more on lighting and displays attend Printed Electronics Europe 2008.

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Posted on: February 6, 2008

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