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Printed RFID - RFID Smart Labels USA Part 1

By popular request, printed RFID received much more prominence at this year's RFID Smart Labels USA in Boston February 20-21. Independently, both IDTechEx and analysts Robert W Baird both saw prointed RFID as very significant for highest volume RFID with much commercialisation in 2009.To a full house, InkSure of Israel, Glasgow University UK and Vubiq of the USA reported on 60 GHz reflecting codes costing no more than 0.1 cents each, though the readers are currently rather expensive. Some are about $4000 each.


University of Glasgow

Tim Drysdale of Glasgow University has demonstrated millimeter wave/ terahertz performance useful for brand protection and a record for printed electronics. He put counterfeiting at $800 billion cost yearly - a good target for his technology. Positive identification as genuine of high volume un-serialised goods is needed but potential barriers are:
  • High cost of tag (traditional RFID is too expensive)
  • High cost of administering a conventional security solution
  • Reduction in aesthetic appeal of current solutions in what is a crowded market place.
His solution is an extremely low cost, covert technology.
At these frequencies, reader cost used to be prohibitive but these costs are now tumbling down.
However, tag cost is extremely low with one micron thickness sufficient.

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Posted on: February 25, 2008

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