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OTTI host forum on printed electronics in Germany

OTTI, the East-Bavarian Technology Transfer Institute, will host an experts' forum on printed electronics 3-4 March in Regensburg, Germany. In this expert's forum, well-known professionals from leading companies and research institutes give a comprehensive overview on this trendsetting technology and today's applications.
Printable electronic circuits could change electronics and daily lives soon. What was considered scientific vision not too long ago, is developing into an important technology platform and is already used in simple printed products. The basis of printed electronics are special organic polymers and inorganic nanoparticles with semiconducting or metallic properties, which can be printed as liquid inks. Hence, well established mass printing technologies can be used in production to bring electronic functionality onto flexible substrates as plastic foils or paper. Electronic structures can be produced thin, flexible and especially - competitive. So new markets and applications become possible.
Examples are RFID tags, sensors, flexible displays and solar cells, thin batteries and smart textiles. The possibility to integrate electronic functions into products of daily life, like packages, seems exceptionally interesting. This implies not only new demands on material development, but also on design and printing technology.
OTTI is engaged in knowledge transfer between industry and science, business and administration. It offers training, seminars, and conferences. About 5000 persons from business, science and administration take part every year in more than 100 events. In the recent past, OTTI expanded its activities to conferences and seminars on Renewable Energies. More information: External Link
Also attend Printed Electronics Europe 2008 which is being held in Germany next month.

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Posted on: March 1, 2008

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