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IDTechEx Presents Printed Electronics Insight Forums. Tokyo 28 Sept.

Two guest speakers from Japan will present at the IDTechEx insight forums in Tokyo on 28 September, providing in-depth analysis into printed electronics.
The morning session on Monday 28 September will cover 'Flexible Sensors, Conductive Inks and Stretchable & Textile Electronics'. Senior IDTechEx Analyst, Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, will discuss progress from disposable sensors to wearable technology applications for these new materials and devices. Dr Ghaffarzadeh will be joined by guest speaker Dr Masahiro Inoue from Gunma University. Dr Inoue will discuss the progress with stretchable electronics as part of his current research on the characterization and application of novel polymer based composites.
'Flexible Displays, Barrier Layers, Batteries and Transparent Conductive Films' is the topic of the afternoon session and IDTechEx analysts will be aided by guest speaker Dr Takeshi Sasaki from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science (AIST). Dr Sasaki is the Director of the newly formed Nanomaterials Research Institute and will discuss the production of large area graphene using plasma CVD, and their application for OLED as transparent conductive films. Dr Ghaffarzadeh complements this talk with a discussion of the fast growing sector of flexible OLED displays - the new materials and films, trends and options will all be assessed.
Places are limited at each Insight Forum. Please see for booking information and detailed agendas.
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Posted on: September 9, 2015

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