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G24 Innovations appoints leading solar technology authority

G24 Innovations Limited (G24i), the UK solar energy pioneer, has announced the appointment of leading international solar research scientist Shozo Yanagida to its advisory board. Mr Yanagida, the Emeritus Professor of Osaka University and a guest professor at the University's Centre for Advanced Science and Innovation, is recognised as a world authority on solar technologies having spent over 35 years specialising in the subject.
G24i is the world's first company to produce commercial grade Dye-Sensitised Thin Film solar cells, a technology first developed eighteen years ago. The cells don't contain silicon, are extremely lightweight, durable and unique in that they produce electricity in low light and indoor conditions. G24i's technology will make solar a viable energy option for new geographies and industries.
Professor Yanagida will join other internationally renowned members of the business and scientific communities on the G24i advisory board, including Professor Michael Graetzel, inventor of the Dye-Sensitised Thin Film cell and winner of the 2006 World Technology Award, Robert Swann OBE, polar explorer and founder of climate change organisation 2041 and Damian Miller, CEO of solar energy provider Orb Energy. Robert M Hertzberg a former Speaker of the California State Assembly is Chairman of the company.
Commenting, Robert Hertzberg Chairman of G24i, said: "I am delighted that Professor Yanagida has accepted our offer to join the advisory board of G24 Innovations. He is one of the preeminent figures of the international scientific community and his appointment will be of great benefit to us as we continue to develop pioneering solar technology in the coming years."
Shozo Yanagida commented: "In recent times G24 Innovations has been at the very forefront of the solar technology revolution and I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with the company. Dye-Sensitised Thin Film solar cells have the ability to transform everyday life for people across the globe; this is a very exciting time."
G24i is developing a wide range of applications for its technology, including mobile telephones rechargers, portable electronics, clothing, tents, and building materials.
About G24i
G24i is a UK company that is personalising solar for the global community. It is the world's first company to produce commercial grade Dye-Sensitised Thin Film solar cells.
Dye-Sensitised Thin Film cells do not contain silicon, are extremely lightweight and durable and produce electricity in low-light and even indoor conditions. Combined with the fact that G24i's proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing process accommodates large volume production, G24i believes that the technology makes solar a viable and affordable energy option for a range of new geographies and industries.
G24i's production facility is located in Cardiff, Wales with an initial 30 MW capacity. For more information, please visit: External Link
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