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MicroCat represents the synergy of two innovations

MacDermid Electronics Solutions has developed a novel additive circuit formation process called MicroCat which represents the synergy of two innovations: high resolution printing, and high productivity additive metallization.
The two step MicroCat process results in solid copper circuit traces at a fraction of the cost of etched aluminum foil, etched copper foil, or conductive inks and has demonstrated proven capability in RFID, smart card, displays, membrane switch, and various other printed electronics and additive circuit formation applications. The deposited copper thickness can be varied to accommodate individual requirements and is nearly equal to ED copper foil in conductivity so electrical efficiency is maximized.
The MicroCat process is available worldwide and with its wide operating window, MicroCat can be used in either manual batch or automated reel to reel process equipment and on a variety of flexible and rigid substrates including PET, PI, PEN, and PVC all without the need for any surface pre-treatment. Numerous high throughput printing technologies are also suitable for printing the MicroCat ink including flat bed and rotary screen, gravure, and flexographic printing equipment.
MacDermid Electronics Solutions is a global specialty chemical and materials supplier serving the printed circuit board, semi-conductor packaging, lead frame, RFID, and flex circuitry markets. MacDermid Inc. was established in 1922 and has numerous R&D, manufacturing, sales, and technical support facilities worldwide. Visit MacDermid Electronics Solutions at
For more information on MicroCat please contact Lisa Guerrera at 203-575-5743.
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