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Training the next generation of the printed electronics workforce

As IDTechEx focuses on the roadmaps to commercialization of printed electronics, we increasingly see the need for appropriately educated personnel to realize the potential of this industry. Just as the silicon semiconductor industry created a need for new skills in electronic engineering, so to does the emerging printed electronics industry.
Disciplines in electronic and electrical engineering, printing, physics, chemistry and materials need to be brought together to appropriately train people for the field-crossing demands faced by these new technologies.
At the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference in Dresden on April 8-9, several universities from around the world are sending the most promising academics to meet companies and explore markets for the technology, including:
And many others.
In addition, later this year IDTechEx will also be launching a service through Printed Electronics World where employers can post advertisements and search resumes of skilled people looking for work in this sector. Keep reading Printed Electronics World for details.

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Posted on: April 3, 2008

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