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Product Pictures from Printed Electronics USA

Last week IDTechEx organized its annual US event in Santa Clara, California. With eight parallel conferences and more than 200 exhibitors, the event has a unique format to cover various technology trends. Here are some pictures of what was on display at the show.
A desktop PCB printer aimed at the professional multi-layer end of the market by NanoDimension:
A roll-to-roll photosintering equipment by Novacentrix:
Photosintering machine by Xenon:
In-mould circuits combing printed electronics and thermoforming/injection moulding by DuPont:
Stretchable conducive inks by DuPont:
Antenna on the casing of the phone as an example of structural electronics by SABIC:
Printed electrochromic glass by Ricoh:
Solar cells and touch screen using silver nanowires by Cambrios:
A flexible hybrid (printed plus standard components) data logger by RR Donnelly:
Nicotine sensors by RR Donnelly:
3D printed electronics by Nascent Objects:
Customizable and flexible batteries by FlexEl, and printed battery by Blue Spark Technologies:
In Mold Devices made using laser direct structuring by Select Connect Technologies:
Aerosol deposited circuits on fragile 3D surface by Neotech AMT:
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