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ImageXpert announces new innovations for printed electronics

In seeking to provide more options to the printed electronics market, ImageXpert has recently developed two products that allow for a broader range of printed electronic part inspection.
ImageXpert's scanner-based inspection system, ImageXaminer, enables imaging and analysis of A3-sized sheets of parts. The ability to scan multiple parts and analyze features from dimension to defects has been expanded to include parts with very low contrast. Using ImageXpert's newly developed capability of expanding the dynamic range of the images captured using the scanner-expanding the response in just the shadow region, for example-allows for imaging and analysis of parts that were not able to be assessed before.
This new capability allows customers to capitalize on the automation offered by the scanner-based system for analysis of low-contrast parts, while keeping costs low.
The second recent innovation is the development of a drop-in-flight analysis system: JetXpert. Using ImageXpert software at the core, and using sophisticated digital strobe control and a calibrated firewire camera with specialized optics, drops-in-flight can be analyzed for any print head. For developers of new materials and processes, this capability to analyze drops-in-flight allows for detailed insight into the jetting process and can aid in formulation optimization.
"These exciting new developments allows us to provide our customers with a wider range of capabilities, while maintaining the high level of quality and technical integrity that ImageXpert customers expect from our products", says Yair Kipman, president of ImageXpert Inc.
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ImageXpert Inc., is based in Nashua, New Hampshire. ImageXpert provides software and systems for machine-vision-based part inspection solutions. Leading imaging companies throughout the world rely on ImageXpert systems in R&D and production.
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