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NanoDynamics exhibits nano-scale metals at Printed Electronics Europe

BUFFALO, N.Y., - NanoDynamics will display its selection of metal flakes and powders for printed electronics industry applications at Printed Electronics Europe, April 8-9, 2008 in Dresden, Germany.
"With rapid advancement towards smaller, more complex circuitry, along with a host of innovative printing substrates, the unique properties offered by nano-scale metals including silver, copper and silver-coated copper have become significant to further industry development," said Dr. Alan Rae, V.P. of Innovations at NanoDynamics. "Factors including low melting and sintering temperatures that address heat-sensitive applications, and more environmentally responsible and flexible circuit printing methods are ideally addressed through the employment of nanometals."
NanoDynamics will exhibit the following at booth No. 16:
Ranging from 30 nm to 80 nm, ND®Silver powders and platelets (500 nm) offer unique stability at elevated temperatures and do not exhibit room temperature sintering and migration. ND®Silver materials have been engineered for increased electrical conductivity in low-temperature processing scenarios, including printing on paper and polymer substrates. With customized surface chemistries for a variety of conductive inks and adhesives, ND®Silver materials provide numerous benefits in printed electronics applications, including fine-line print definition and stringent printing rheology control via closely manipulated particle size distributions. They also reduce the amount of material required due to highly concentrated properties at thin coating levels. ND®Silver materials are available as dry powders or in wet raw material "pre-dispersions" for ease of handling and dispersion into final printable systems.
With a crystalline structure that provides low oxidation and excellent conductivity, ND®Copper powders and flakes provide a high-performing, economically efficient option for larger-scale circuit production. These powders offer excellent repeatability and processing characteristics, and enable a direct additive circuit printing process that is more environmentally sound than traditional etching methods. ND®Copper powders and flakes are ideal for printed conductors, dipped capacitor terminations and conductive polymers, provide exceptional purity and particle size control, and are available in sizes from 200 nm to 6 microns.
ND®Copper, Silver Coated
Used extensively in electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, conductive adhesives, inks and transparent conductive films, this unique product offering provides high corrosion-resistant surface properties and low-temperature processing capabilities ideal for the printed electronics industry. When coated with silver, nanocopper flakes can acquire these properties at a more economic pricepoint, while also delivering on customer conductivity specifications. Silver Coated ND®Copper materials are available as flakes in sizes from 4 to 10 microns.
To learn more, visit NanoDynamics at Printed Electronics Europe 2008 booth No. 16, log onto External Link or call +1-877-275-6369.
About NanoDynamics
Headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., NanoDynamics, Inc. develops and commercializes technologies, materials and products that provide clean technology solutions, with a principal focus on the application of nanotechnology-enabled solutions in the energy, environment, and infrastructure markets.
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