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Zephyr Technology and BIOPAC Systems forge alliance

Auckland, NZ and Goleta, CA - Zephyr Technology, the global leader in personal performance and conditioning monitoring, announced that it has signed a supply agreement with BIOPAC Systems Inc., of Goleta, Calif. Zephyr will supply BIOPAC with the Zephyr BioHarness best-in-class physiological monitoring device.
BIOPAC Systems will offer the BioHarness together with its AcqKnowledge® data acquisition software to provide a mobile, wireless, physiological monitoring solution.
Alan Macy, CEO of BIOPAC said, Our new relationship with Zephyr compliments Biopac's mission to offer innovative, competitively-priced life sciences hardware and software. The BioHarness offers extreme patient comfort due to its all-fabric strap design while it's smart fabric sensors ensure product efficacy under extreme conditions. These are key deliverables, which are vital to our customers.
We are delighted to team up with BIOPAC, a world market leader in the development of data acquisition and analysis systems for research and education to deliver fabric-based sensing products, said Brian Russell, CEO of Zephyr. This partnership provides for the incorporation of Zephyr's advanced fabric-based sensors, electronics and BioSense algorithms into BIOPAC's AcqKnowledge® data acquisition systems to overcome the discomfort of plastic straps and improve efficacy.
Additionally, Smart Fabric sensing allows for the integration of Zephyr's patented sensors into garments producing the ultimate in comfort, fit and performance. These products are comfortable to wear and communicate with web, phone and watch applications.
About BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
BIOPAC Systems was founded in 1985 and, with over 20 years of success, is recognized around the world as the premier choice for life sciences hardware and software. BIOPAC Systems Inc. focuses on developing innovative, high quality, competitively priced life sciences, educational and research hardware and software designed to meet the needs of the academic community.
About Zephyr Technology
Zephyr Technology is a global leader in personal performance and condition monitoring. Founded in 2003, Zephyr sells professional equipment and high volume consumer products. Professional equipment is used for elite coaching, research, military and wellness applications, while Consumer products enable the next level of personal awareness while training and exercising. Zephyr's products comprehensively measure heart rate, respiration rate, activity, fatigue, forces and impact. The small, wireless electronics use patented BioSense algorithms and electronic design to produce wireless physiological monitoring products. To date Zephyr has forged customers and partners in the consumer sports, aerospace/ research and defence markets. These include companies with significant global market share and US Special Ops. Early strategic customers include Stanford University and NASA.
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