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IDTechEx announces the winners of Launchpad

IDTechEx Launchpad will showcase innovations from 10 start-up companies at the IDTechEx Show! (Berlin, Germany 27-28 April 2016).
The IDTechEx Launchpad initiative will feature early-stage start-ups, universities, newly spun-out companies, and research labs or government labs who will demonstrate a working prototype or product that highlights new advances in any of the related event topics of: 3d printing, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, graphene, internet of things, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology.
This initiative provides the opportunity for the winning companies to exhibit their state-of-the-art technologies at this international event, alongside an estimated 170 exhibitors.
Launchpad winners (listed below) will show their innovations to over 2,500 attendees, including product developers, technology scouts and integrators.

Winners of IDTechEx Launchpad are:

Applied Nanodetectors will show point-of-care exhaled breath test devices (for management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and asthma) that use a sensor array platform printed on low cost substrates.
Cambridge CMOS Sensors will be demonstrating ultra low power gas sensors for indoor air quality monitoring, that are integrated into a smart phone.
EMD will be demonstrating its very small autonomous IoT node which is powered by harvested energy. Potential sources for energy recovery are light, heat and vibration.
FeelIT will show a pulse (wave form) monitoring patch capable of online cardiac parameters monitoring and a sensing platform demo (patch configuration) capable of high resolution multi-point pressure mapping.
Fraunhofer ENAS will demonstrate their printed primary batteries that can drive applications with 10 mA at 5 V and 14 V.
Hip Impact Protection will demonstrate their Fall-Safe Assist hip protectors that combine wearable technology to detect falls and provide PERS facilities with hip protection.
NPL will show a smart textile game and glove, incorporating conductive tracks which can also act as sensors. As the wearer flexes their hand all five digits show independently the change in resistance, which has wide applications in health to games.
Otego will be showing a demonstrator that transforms the heat of a tea cup into electricity to power a wrist watch. The demonstration set-up contains a printed thermoelectric generator. Otego will also show the sugar cube size generator itself, as well as the ultra-thin foils.
Piezoskin will show the prototype of a small piezoelectric carpet composed by piezoelectric flags and, applying an air flow, will demonstrate how electrical power can be stored and used.
Polar OLED
Polar OLED demonstrate fully flexible OLED devices using fully printed techniques.
"Winning a place ... provides us with the perfect platform to showcase our energy harvesting and low power electronics capabilities," says Carla Pendleton, Managing Director of EMD Ltd, from one of the companies who have won a place in the Launchpad initiative. EMD Ltd are also very much "looking forward to participating in this prestigious event".
Dr Chris Hunt, Principal Research Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) based in the UK corroborates: "NPL was excited to be selected to chosen to participate in the Launchpad area of the exhibition. This unique opportunity will give us great chance to exhibit to an important audience our early prototype that demonstrates our new patented technology in adding highly conductive material to fabrics without affecting their handle and drape."
The IDTechEx Show! is the largest event of its kind, featuring a large exhibition and eight concurrent conferences covering emerging technologies; including printed electronics, wearable technology, 3D printing, sensors, energy harvesting, electric vehicles and new advanced materials. This unique event brings together these industry supply chains and the OEMs or integrators of these technologies, providing exhibitors and attendees with the opportunity to meet suppliers across the full value chain. Visit to learn more about this exciting event.
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