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IDTechEx visits Electroluminate UK 9.5.08

Electroluminate is part of a medium sized British engineering group with production in Canada, East Asia and soon the UK. It makes ink jet, digitally printed ac and dc electroluminescent displays and backlights up to 1.5 meters across but capable of being assembled as tiles into much larger structures. Unlike Pelikon and elumin8 in ac electroluminescent displays, Electroluminate does not currently offer original designs, since it is extremely busy providing graphic designs to client requirements, such as point of sale promotions and posters.
Despite using third party inks rather than having any proprietary technology, its 0.2 millimeters thick, flexible, polyester film displays are extremely colourful and vibrant, many being animated by switching between several graphic states.
The frequency used to drive the ac displays is 1000 Hz and life is typically 5000 hours, depending on luminance. Of course, there is no catastrophic failure mode and in promotional applications only one week may be the life needed. Up to 1200 lux is available, which is equivalent to a 100 watt lamp bulb but with 15% of the power consumption.
Indeed, the company claims to offer the brightest, largest and longest lasting EL sheets though we would say that is conditional on a few things. The back lights offered are A5 up to 183 X 122 cm with 366 X 122 mm being available soon. Heavy duty illuminating floor mats from the company have been popular with customised, animated, promotional graphics and there are many other applications including signage and street furniture.
Marketing Director Thierry Huser told us that the company is growing rapidly and it already has sales partners as far afield as New Zealand.

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Posted on: May 12, 2008

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