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OLED-T announces electron injector OLED material

19 May 2008 - Los Angeles, US - OLED-T, a developer and manufacturer of world-class organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials and device structures, today announced a new electron injector material together with third party verified performance results.
The new electron injector material named E225 had a 66 per cent performance improvement in brightness and 30 per cent reduction in driving voltage. These results are based on test displays where E255 was used in combination with OLED-T's electron injector EI-101 and compared with standard configurations of electron injector and transport materials typically used as the industry benchmarks.
A phosphorescent red display device using a combination Aluminium Quinolate (Alq3) as the electron injector and Lithium Floride (LiF), as the electron transport had a brightness of 9.8 lumens per Watt, whereas by replacing the injector and transport layers for a combination of OLED-T's E225 and EI-101 respectively, the brightness improved to 16.3 lumens per Watt. Display devices were driven for more than 520 hours at a current of 40mAcm-2.
The voltage required to drive the devices at 1,000cdm-2 was cut by 30 per cent. The industry benchmark materials of Alq3 and LiF required a driving voltage of 7.7V. Using a combination of OLED-T's E225 and EI-101 reduced this to 5.4V.
"OLED-T is delighted with the third party results for this new electron transport and injector material set. The results show a step improvement on existing industry standard materials," said Myrddin Jones, CEO, OLED-T.
Details of the third party characterisation results for E225 are available from OLED-T but an industry standard confidentiality agreement prevents OLED-T from naming the third party.
About OLED-T
OLED-T is leading the research, development and commercialisation of a pioneering class of organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials. The company is backed by E-Synergy, Aberdeen Asset Management, Foresight Venture Partners and Gartmore Investment Management and London South Bank University.
OLED is a new generation of flat panel displays that exhibits numerous benefits over LCDs, particularly for portable applications. These benefits include faster switching speed, lower power consumption, higher contrast, lighter and thinner module construction, and display a perfect image from every direction.
OLED-T's portfolio of OLED materials offers significant advantages of performance and large scale manufacturing capability to a flat panel display industry eager to reap the benefits of this new generation of display technology. The materials offer dramatic efficiency improvements of up to 80 per cent, and lifetimes of as much as three times that of competitive OLED materials.
OLED-T has over 70 patents in the area of OLED materials and device structures. It sells its materials directly to OLED display manufacturers primarily in Asia.
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