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Delphi to use E Inks next generation of SDCs for long range key fob

E Ink has launched its next generation of segmented display cells (SDCs) that are 40% thinner with a wider operational temperature range and increased flexibility for repetitive 3-D bends or 2-D conformable solutions.
The latest generation of E Ink's SDCs provides a viewable angle of nearly 180° and can be viewed under a variety of lighting conditions from direct sun to low-level ambient light. The fact that no power is required to view an image greatly extends battery life and allows for unique design opportunities not open to conventional technology. The lightweight, shatterproof plastic display cells are conformable, giving product designers the ability to design curves. Applications include consumer electronics, PC-accessory, display smartcards, capacity indicators, electronic shelf labels, signage and communications applications.
Segmented displays are divided into discrete segments that can be controlled individually to convey information using letters, numbers and pre-defined icons (see below). Customers then add drive electronics and integrate into their end products.
Leading electronics supplier Delphi will be one of the first to use the displays for their wireless, bi-directional key fob. The key fob system provides long-range possibilities for car-to-user communication. The bi-directional key fob has a range of up to 1 km (open-air) and 250 m (from within buildings). The system allows users to lock and unlock doors, open trunks and operate panic buttons. It can also feature remote start and display vehicle status through a new E-Ink electronic paper display.

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Posted on: May 23, 2008

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