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New OLED lighting company in Japan

A joint venture business between Mitsubishi Jyukougyou, Toppan Insatsu and Mitsui Bussan has been set up called Lumiotec. They claim this is the world's first company to specialize only on OLED lighting, and they are ready for commercial production. The devices have been created by extensive research from the companies involved who have focused on efficiency and lifetime of materials as well as high speed manufacturing. The company has been set up with 1.4 Billion JPY (approximately $13.5 Million). The joint venture plans to sell sample panels from the spring of 2009. Depending on the application, they are designing panels with the best trade off with intensity and lifetime.
The outline of the new company, Lumiotec Inc., is below
Activities: Manufacturing and marketing of organic electroluminescence (OEL) panels for lighting application and assessment of the OEL panel business viability.
Capital: 1,400 million yen
Investor ratio:
President: Hisao Shigenaga
Head Office: Hachimanpara, Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture
Employees: approximately 20

New OLED line in China

At the 2008 China OLED Conference, Visionox announced details of a new OLED production line that they will be installing in China, beginning large scale OLED production in China for the first time. According to the executive, production facilities are all ready in the factory. Speaking at the event, an analyst said, "Since the OLED industry is embryonic at the moment, there isn't much technological gap between China and countries such as Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Considering the figure that the overall production amount of cell phone and music players from China accounts for 47% and 88.5% respectively in the whole world, there is no doubt that Mainland China is going to be a very important market for OLED output - there is a great potential of expansion."

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Posted on: June 10, 2008

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