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Holst Centre opens Roll-to-Roll research line for printed electronics

EINDHOVEN - On June 19, Holst Centre officially inaugurated its roll-to-roll line for printed electronics. The current installation is a fully equipped pilot-production line for systems-in-foil printing, coating, drying and lamination. The next stage is the development of a complementary roll-to-roll deposition line for thin-film barriers on foil, currently in specification. Holst Centre also plans to build a dedicated roll-to-roll line for high-precision lamination.
Holst Centre will initially focus its activities on large-area printing and printed structures on flexible substrates around the Roll-to-Roll line. Main application driver is the development of device layouts and processes for flexible OLED lighting and signage. Gradually, also other Holst Centre programs such as organic circuitry and lithography on foil will move more and more towards roll-to-roll compatible processes.
Flexible electronics is an emerging market with a massive potential and a huge range of possible applications, from displays and lighting to smart packaging. While the technology is proven, there is a growing need for new manufacturing methods and technologies to support volume production.
Holst Centre gathers together partners from the complete value-chain including materials suppliers (foils, active polymers, inks...), equipment manufacturers and product manufacturers, each with their own dedicated area of expertise. This type of collaboration allows defining open standards and smart interconnect technologies that will allow manufacturers to easily combine foils into end-products.
Holst Centre aims to gather the entire value chain encompassed by the vision of a smart-foils integration industry.
Holst Centre
PO BOX 8550 - 5605 KN Eindhoven - The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)40 277 40 00
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