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Megatrend Electronics at the IDTechEx Show! 28-29 April, Berlin

Today's megatrends are easy to identify. They are changes that will endure for a long time and profoundly impact most of us on earth. These include global warming, local pollution, the greying of the population and urbanisation including megacities.
Find out more at the co-located events covering: Energy Harvesting & Storage * 3D Printing * Graphene * Electric Vehicles * Internet of Things * Printed Electronics * Wearable Technologies - 28-29 April, Berlin.
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Multiple Energy Harvesting Everywhere
Multiple energy harvesting will be the name of the game with devices harvesting local heat, light, infra-red and movement such as wind, tide, waves, braking and vibration ever more efficiently and affordably. Indeed, it will not stop there because the dream of computing vanishing into the fabric of society is becoming even more literal than imagined all those years ago.
Internet of Things
Antidotes include connectivity to the internet even extending to things-collaborating-with-things for our benefit but without our intervention at the time. Of course that embraces autonomous vehicles with curiosity and other advanced intelligence appearing everywhere from under the sea to high in the upper atmosphere and even the robot vacuum cleaner that works properly. Wireless intelligence and the Internet of Things IOT is a part of this and the wireless society needs electricity made where it is needed, as does the electric vehicle and other devices in the great new green tomorrow.
Structural Electronics, 3D Printing, Printed Electronics
You see, we now research fabric as electronics and as energy harvesting. Indeed, the phrase structural electronics describes how we are finally abandoning the components-in-a-box way of making electronics and electrics and it is becoming solid state, load-bearing and protective. Goodbye dumb plastic and metal parts in a bridge, car or body implant: now the structure doubles as electronics and electrics and optics saving cost, space, weight and valuable materials in short supply on our tortured planet. Structural electronics fits undetectably into those impossible places in and on your body, apparel, car or home being flexible which also makes it more rugged and simple which makes it more reliable and longer lived. Now shall all have affordable infotainment and healthcare on the move, living longer and more happily. Well, that is if we do not use all the new magic to kill ourselves - yes, there is a dark side to everything.
Personal Manufacturing and Affordable Electric Vehicles
The technologies used to make structural electronics and even spare parts and art works on impulse at home include 3D printing, in-mold electronics and printed electronics. They will make those electric land, water and air vehicles usher in a quiet, clean, renewable future in the air, on land and on and under the sea. A part of this will be a hydrogen economy involving fuel cells, the improved electric motor and new supercapacitors and batteries.
Graphene, Healthcare On The Move
New materials are filling the gaps in the emerging market including graphene and 3D printable elastomers and metals. Welcome to megatrend electronics embracing even new healthcare: on the move, predicting, diagnosing and monitoring - away from traditional treatment.
We hope you are able to join us in Berlin as we discuss all of these topics in our conference, showcase over 150 companies at our tradeshow, host company visits in Berlin and offer masterclass sessions. 28-29 April, Berlin - 10% Delegate Discount Ends Friday 17 April -
Top image: Teri Skultety
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